A few facts about mwah;

  •  I hate being underestimated, especially for my age. Tell me I can't do something and I will.
  • I've been a blogger since I was about six or seven, I started out on my Mom's first blog then got my own in 2008.
  • I've actually had this blog since March 2011, it started out to be my fashion blog; Through The Aisles Of Fashion. 
  • I have an obsession with Music, Fashion, Lip gloss, and insanely bright hair colors.
  • One thing you shouldn't ask me; "Who's your favorite band/musician/singer?" Unless you wanna talk to me all night. Haha, but I'll have to say these; Adele,Skrillex, Dubstep/Electronic in general, Alex Clare, Example, Cherri Bomb. are a just few of my all time favs.
  • Among loving music and playing music I also make graphics/ illustrations, jewelry, I draw, and do a bunch of other crafty stuff.
That shall be all. ^-~ {For now that is}
~Lilz Out!

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